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(13:00) Benjamin Creme, a British artist and long-time student of esoteric philosophy was contacted by one of the Masters of Wisdom in 1959 and began a path of sharing the information he received. Since his first public talk in 1974, millions of people have heard Creme’s message of hope, and many have been inspired to help make it known on a worldwide scale. Humanity only sees what’s in the news, the exaggerated latest events and not the whole picture. The masters of wisdom see beyond that and know we are headed towards peace. “But we, the humanity, still need to do it, to make the decision about how to achieve it,” says Creme.

In the interview he also explains his view of the year 2012 which is given a lot of importance to by some people, and speaks about the end of chronic diseases such as cancer.

Interview with Benjamin Creme, 2010 (Eng.)

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