Awakening the sacred feminine energy (Eng.)

altAs the world is going through a crisis, or through rebirthing we could say, the sacred feminine energy is once again being awakened to facilitate this birth. This is the time of healing collective wounds that women have experienced in the last centuries being repressed and undervalued, balancing the feminine and the masculine aspect within ourselves, allowing intuition to be an important part of our decision making process, following our hearts and most importantly asking the question Who Am I?

Our guest, Eleftheria Kakambouras, has been communicating with the Spiritual Realm as far back as she can remember. This gift has literally saved her life, and guided the lives of others.  A third generation clairvoyant and a back ground in psychology, her passion is the awakening of the sacred feminine and she has been facilitating women’s empowerment workshops, retreats and consultations for the last 10 years.

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