(ang.) Mysterious Egipt – Shrilie Roden in the Kingdom of ancient Wisdom and Energies

Studio 12(30:00) In the present day Egypt does not only represent an attractive tourist destination as a rule any more. It is now changing into a considerably different place of reseach compared to past times, when the journeys there were mostly adventurous or archaeological.The intention of the majority of spiritual travelers to Egypt today seems to be the research and insight into the very special energies and powers which are still hidden in a great number of ancient Egypt’s monuments and in the symbols of this amazing African country. Our special guest today, Ms. Shirlie Roden, set out her journey with a group of Polish people, as they followed together in the footsteps of the ancient sacred energies. While meditating and using her magical voice deep within the Pyramids and Egyptian temples she encountered the amazing energy of the ancient power and wisdom of Egypt. In this interview, Ms. Roden shares her experience with us of the sacred places she visited there.