Festival City of Women – an interview with artist Nahomi Ximenez (Eng.)

Studio 12(21:00) Mexican Woman Looking for Work in Ljubljana. Artistic Action. (City of Women, 15th International Festival of Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia)  

”Help me find a job in Ljubljana. My action shows what it means to be in the shoes of an immigrant who goes to a foreign country, a place that is a ‘stranger’ because he/she doesn’t belong there culturally. I will perform two basic actions that a migrant worker would in a foreign country: filling out the paperwork to obtain a work permit, and then working somewhere. I will briefly put myself in the position of someone who goes to another country to look for a better life through work. The process will register some of the difficulties that could arise, such as linguistic and legal obstacles. I intend to enter into some of the feelings felt by an alien worker. Can you work for someone that you can’t understand and who can’t understand you either? Is it easy to get a work permit? I want to show this from the inside.”

We hope that these words, written by the artist Nahomi Ximenez, will move you and entice you to watch her interview.