SLOVENIAN PERCUSSION DUO: Sex in the Kitchen (Eng.)

Studio 12(10:00) Sex in the Kitchen – a very interesting title for a composition you might say … and an even more interesting and invigorating slovenian premiere performance from the Slovenian Percussion Duo, that you are about to see, is a work by well known composer and percussionist Nebojša Jovan Živković.

First, let’s get to know the Slovenian Percussion Duo a bit better:

Simon Klavžar and Jože Bogolin of Ljubljana, Slovenia, founded the Slovenian Percussion Duo in 2006. Simon and Jože were first and second prize winners in the TEMSIG Slovenian Percussion Competition in 2002 and 2005 (and again in 2008). As soloists, they played with a number of orchestras including the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Ljubljana Opera, and the Academy Symphonic Orchestra of Ljubljana.

They continue to perform as soloists as well as a duo in chamber and orchestral projects, in addition to featuring new percussion pieces from Slovenian composers including Peter Šavli, Petra Strahovnik, Nejc Bečan, Tina Mauko and Matej Bonin

The Slovenian Percussion Duo won Second Prize and the Audience Prize in the 2009 International Percussion Duo Competition in Luxembourg, and was Absolute Winner of the Competition. The duo also won First Prize in the International Percussion Competition Pendim in Bulgaria in 2009.

They are the first classical percussion duo in Slovenia, and their year-round concerts across Europe are special, inspiring and ful of young positive energy, that always leaves behind a great impression.


And a few words about the composer:

Nebojša Jovan Živković is hailed by the critics as one of the most unique and expressive marimba and percussion artists in the field today. He has greatly influenced the international percussion scene during the last two decades – as both a masterful composer and virtuoso performer.

A native from Serbia, Živković completed his master’s degrees in composition, music theory and percussion in Mannheim and Stuttgart, Germany, where he has resided since 1980. He tours extensively throughout Europe, and performs frequently in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Latin America, Russia and Scandinavia.

Živković is one of the worlds most performed composers for Percussion music. At the present time, he has nearly three hundreds performances of his compositions every year in almost fifty countries world wide. His groundbreaking compositions for marimba and percussion have set new performing standards, and his captivating and energetic performances have influenced generations of marimbists.

Many of Živković’s compositions have become standards in contemporary percussion repertoire world-wide. His orchestral works are performed by orchestras such as the National Symphony Orchestra of Washington, BBC Concert Orchestra, London, Orchestra di Santa Cecilia, Rome, The Nothern Simfonia in Newcastle, UK, Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra.


You are indeed invited to experience the ‘Sex in the Kitchen‘ with your own ears and enjoy every second of it …