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(26:30) Maitrea’s message

In the last part of his annual speech in Munich, Benjamin Creme explains that humanity has yet to develop etheric vision. And because we cannot see etheric bodies we, or our scientists, believe they do not exist. But in fact there are 4 etheric planes of matter, added to the solid, fluid and gassy physical states science recognizes.

Creme also talks about the masters of wisdom, who see pollution as number one killer in the world. Mankind needs to change direction totally. “There was a time when ten true men could save the world. Then came a time when ten thousand was not enough. I shall call on one billion,’’ once said Maitrea. And according to Creme, the number now exceeds a billon and a half.

Lecture by Benjamin Creme, 2010 – Part Four (Eng.)

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