Healthy Lifestyle: Self-Healing with Transformative Mindfulness (Eng.)

Studio 12(30:00) In this episode of Healthy Lifestyle we had a talk with Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw who is an author, educator, trainer etc. also a former Tibetan Buddhist nun. After getting sick while being an athlete she started to research the body-mind relationship and ways to heal oneself. She is the author of simple yet powerful techniques called Transformative Mindfulness that anyone can use on their own to transform problems. We can all access the wisdom inside ourselves in order to transform a problem, an inner conflict, pain in the body, a difficult situation etc.The information as well as solutions about the problem are in our bodies, we only need to access that data base. One way of doing this is through visualization and feelings. Take the power back into your own hands and learn how to self-heal.


Kategorije: Zdravo življenje

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