Moments before the concert: Chris Jarrett (Eng.)

Studio 12(6:00) Chris Jarrett‘s music derives from an urge to communicate. The music is as diverse as his ideas, which he transforms into music. He ignores any dictates of style. Chris Jarrett utilizes the structures of classical music and the freedom of jazz improvisation. He combines the love for forms of development with jazz energy.

The spectrum of his expression is wide: wild, rhythmical, ironic, epic, melancholic, bizarre, mystical and jazzy. He has been inpired by diverse musical styles from different times and composers. Great influences to be heard in his music come from Johannes Ockeghem, Sergej Prokofiev, Charles Mingus and Frank Zappa.

Chris Jarrett‘s music does not specifically target either lovers of classical music or jazz. His listeners are the center of his live performances and he wants to excite them, provoke thoughts in them and communicate with them.

We had a chance to meet him at his concert at the Terra Magica Music Festival held in the town of Poreč in Croatia. You are cordially invited to watch the short interview with him. Enjoy …