About JAZZ … with Thomas Howard Curtis (Eng.)

It is our honour to present you Mr. Thomas Howard Curtis one of the greatest jazz drummers and percussionists in the world today. Apart from his incredibly rich and diverse career as a musician he is curently also active as the University Professor and head of Jazz Drum department at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria.

He happened to be having a workshop here in Ljubljana, Slovenia and so there it is: the interview with him about jazz and, as you’ll soon discover, also about life and music in general. You are cordially invited to watch the show. Enjoy …

“One of the most complete percussionist/drummers I’ve ever met. He can play like Elvin, but then play the Creston Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra.”
Billy Drummond
(in an interview conducted by Modern Drummer magazine)

”The concepts that you shared will make a huge difference in the bands in which the students play. I don’t think I have ever been around anyone who has removed the mysteries surrounding jazz music performance and relate those tools that are necessary for becoming a solid performer better than you!!.. You are an inspiration to us all, professors and students.”
Jon Metzger

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