Discovering the Hidden Potential with Prof. Marina Horak, 1st part (Eng.)

Studio 12(37:30) Discovering one’s hidden potential with Prof. Marina Horak is a true gift; as many of her students would say. We had a chance to meet with her at her workshop in the town of Poreč in Croatia at the Summer Music Academy Terra Magica.

Being a successful professional pianist with the international career, for Marina teaching activity is as important as performing  and she is enthousiastically dedicated to it. A vast number of music students and professional musicians have one way or another been nourished by her knowledge, among them successful concert artists, composers, pedagogues … With equal élan she also devotes herself to children …

She describes her specific approach, which strives towards the blossoming of natural creativity within the pupils, in her own words:

“I search together with the pupil for ways to reach integration between self and music. It is important for the pupil to get in touch with his own energy through awareness of breath and movement, to develop a sense of body elasticity and relaxation, and in this way develops his sense of sound. With mime (expresssive dance) and sponatenous  improvisation we gain access to deeper layers of imagination and create a basis for our individual understanding of  the meaning in music via own life experiences, thus allowing us to develop a free and full  expression.
Sensible connections between our own need for personal expression and a live correlation to the inherent musical structures help us develop our potential and makes us sensitive for  the intrinsic message of the music.”

You are cordially invited to  make yourself comfortable and watch the first part of the show …